Systems for international compliance information

The client provided curated compliance data mostly for anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism financing purposes. As opportunities exponentially expanded, and compliance needs and company personnel grew, the client wanted a new setup with an innovative IT environment, to provide enhanced services to its growing customer base in the future.

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Website and web-based tool

In 2019 a client needed a new website design and implementation, in four different languages, with enhancement and integration of the online system for querying the client’s databases and a specialized news processing and publication website.

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Websources mapping and managing tools

The client published and updated regularly in special formats sanctions lists from authorities worldwide; due to changes in formats and other variables the process was performed mostly manually.
Scriptlite developed customized scraping and mapping tools for sanction and enforcement lists, with adaptable update routines and with special features for the legal and data protection requirements of the business.

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IT strategy and restructuring

A client of Scriptlite entered a process of strategic review and a restructuring process in 2019, due to booming business. Scriptlite, as a trusted IT service provider in addition having extensive knowledge of client’s business, was requested for strategic and change management support due to the increasing IT challenges and expanding IT partnerships of the client.

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Digitalization of compliance

A top consultancy company for financial institutions in Switzerland needed a technical partner to address the increasing needs related to technological progress by clients and products.

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IT support for small businesses

As small, successful non-technological entities (financial institutions consultants, risk managers and compliance providers) expanded and required more IT, they needed adequate IT services, with focus on know-how, immediate response, trust, security and confidentiality.
Since 2018 Scriptlite’s team provides IT services on an outsourcing basis or ad-hoc according to the client’s needs.

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