IT support for small businesses

IT support for small businesses

Clients’ business case

As small, successful non-technological entities (financial institutions consultants, risk managers and compliance providers) expanded and required more IT, they needed adequate IT services, with focus on know-how, immediate response, trust, security and confidentiality.

IT management, security, hardware and software services

Since 2018 Scriptlite’s team provides IT services on an outsourcing basis or ad-hoc according to the client’s needs:

  • Single point of contact for IT coordination
  • Computers and IT infrastructure
  • Security, IT management and backups
  • Website, emails, telephones
  • Software development

Specialized customized IT support

Additional customer-specific support has been provided by Scriptlite to fill in the gaps while a client was upgrading  IT systems, expanding  internal IT resources or looking for an outsourced professional service:

  • Client specific IT systems management
  • IT processes and databases maintenance and development