Website and web-based tool

Website and web-based tool

Client’s business case

In 2019 a client needed a new website design and implementation, in four different languages, with enhancement and integration of the online system for querying the client’s databases and a specialized news processing and publication website.

Website, web-based tools and solutions

The new modern fully operative website was implemented within a short time in 2019.

In 2020 Scriptlite was assigned with website maintenance and requested to provide proposals and evaluations for online tool development options, with additional features to be considered:

  • integration of datasets and data types
  • news feeds and media searches
  • enhancement of searching tool with fuzzy matching
  • end customer self-service operations and payments

The client was presented with the choice of three different specific concrete options: further development by Scriptite, licencing of third party systems or integration of tools with IT partners’ systems.